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 Don't hide your shoes in a wardrobe. Let them breathe on an ANSTIN Shoe Rack. For leather soles it is particularly important that they are aired and dried properly.

The ANSTIN Shoe Rack provides ideal storage and at the same time offers an eyecatching piece of furniture for your valuable shoes.
Further advice: Always use a shoe horn when you put your shoes on. Alternate the days that you wear your shoes and use wooden shoe trees. Never put your shoes next to a warm radiator, because the leather will become brittle and crack. The best way to dry wet shoes is to stuff them with newspaper.
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ANSTIN Shoe Racks available models and price list

STANDARD S2/80 shoe rack with 2 shelves US-$ 145
CLASSIC S3/80 shoe rack with 3 shelves US-$ 165
FAVORITE S4/80 shoe rack with 4 shelves US-$ 195
EXTENSION S5/80 shoe rack with 5 shelves US-$ 225

Prices include delivery.

Wood: Beech

Colour: natural / oiled

Special models on request.

The shoe racks are 32'' (80 cm) wide. There is space for either 4 pairs of ladies shoes or 3 pairs of men's shoes on each shelf.

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Stand: 27. Juli 1998
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